Fearless Homemaking

A millennial stepped from behind a curtain of anonymity. Her voice quavered across the vastness of the Internet. “Do any of you have a platform that deals with making a house a home?” She had a place of her own for the first time. She felt ill prepared. What she needed was a roadmap to fearless homemaking.

She’d come from a busy family with a mom and dad who were hard working professionals. They gave her strong values and a good work ethic. She realizing, however,  how much she didn’t know about the art of turning a place you stay into a home.fearless-homemaking

Image by Kari Shea courtesy Unsplash.

Later that week, I heard the same kind of hesitant and probing questions posed by a young woman raised in foster care and another whose family was a composite of marriages and remarriages.

Single urban hipsters, baby boomers starting over single, blended families, working moms, empty nesters, and stay at home moms all have one common need: a place that feels like home.

If the word ‘homemaking’ makes you shudder, you’ve come to the right place. I’m on a voyage to find fearless homemaking hacks.  I too am working to make the place I stay feel like home.  Won’t you join me along the way?

I’d love to know what makes you freeze up when you think about making a house a home. Leave a comment and let me know your pain point: organization, cleaning, decorating, meal prep, rehabbing a run down property, entertaining, budgeting, time management. The list to choose from is longer than I am tall.

Once you think about your pain point, tell me one thing you’ve done to make a place seem like ‘yours’? Was it a picture you hung, a cabinet you cleaned and stocked, a yard with the flowers you planted, learning how to use a power tool?

Don’t be shy. All fraidy cats are safe here – especially when they leave a comment!

PS . . .

What’s my pain point? Oh, girl! I have so many pain points I don’t know where to start. I’m a good organizer, and I love to envision re-hab projects. (It’s been 2 whole days since my last Pinterest binge. Applaud people. That’s a record.) But, I can’t get up the gumption to get started once I think of one. Maybe I have a huge dose of analysis paralysis? Yes, that is a grown up phrase for being too afraid of the end result being a failure to start!

What’s my success story? Give me any old mess (as long as it’s not a biohazard), and I can get it cleaned, organized, and Realtor ready in a week.

I showed you mine, now you show me yours? Don’t make me come find you.