Fearless Homeschooling

Does the word ‘homeschooling’ inspires uncertainty?  Fraidy Cat homeschooling is a good way to describe how most folks start the decision-making process. It most often starts with lots of fear and trembling.

“I think I want to, but can I?”

“What about my kid’s socialization?”

“ I wasn’t good at math, so how can I teach my kids?”

“What will the neighbors, friends, family, church, current school think?”

“There’s so much curriculum to choose from, how do I choose? ”

“How do I get started, and when is the right time to start?”

“If I do it, how will my kids fit in anywhere? Will they even be able to get a job?”

“My sister, neighbor, in-law, etc. is going to homeschool their kids. Oh my word! What are they thinking? “

The list of questions swirling around in your head as you consider homeschooling could fill a 5-subect, college-ruled notebook.

Fraidy Cat Homeschooling Taking Fear out of the Journey One Day at a Time


The decision requires a lot of deliberation because you are choosing a life of sacrifice. Yes, we sacrifice a lot as parents, but adding another set of priorities and sacrifices is not for the faint of heart!

You will give up time and energy. You will gain some flexibility in your lifestyle, but you will also give up some freedoms you might have with brick and mortar schools.

Your house may only be as clean as you would like once every few months.

The buck will stop with you. With brick and mortar schools, you can always blame ‘the system’ if your child flounders. If your child struggles once you begin homeschooling, you are the first and last line of defense. So, it can feel lonely and overwhelming.

If you are opting to homeschool when a child is in crisis because of bullying, drugs, etc., the decision may come because of a split-second moment of realization. Things reach a tipping point, and you must take immediate action. Without advance planning, a chaotic family situation may add more stress to your early days of homeschooling.

Any veteran homeschooler will agree: we all experience seasons of second-guessing our decision to homeschool. It is natural to be a bit nervous over the eventual outcome. After all, you can’t see the end from the beginning.

So, whether you still considering homeschooling as an educational option, or are a veteran whose having one of those ‘wake up in a cold sweat’ kinda moments, meet me here for direction and encouragement.

We’ll cover the basics on how to start as well as more scary things like ‘can my kid go to college and how’ in the days and weeks to come.

Because you need to hear more than one voice of encouragement and instruction in your ear, I’ll introduce you to inspiring families who are willing to share a window into their homeschool days. Their stories will take some of the mystery, and fear, out of the process.

If you are choosing a different schooling option, you are welcome here as well. Whether helping with homework, teaching a new task at home, or trying to understand the journey of a homeschooling friend or family member, what we share here is for you too!

If you are thinking about homeschooling but have not quite pulled the trigger, I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, tell me your biggest fear?

I’m willing to bet my socks, I know of a resource that will help you. What we fear is often much larger than the reality we face. Once we address your fear, you may find reality was not quite the big hairy scary you thought it might be!